The final conservative position is to do nothing?

The trajectory of history in the United States continues. In the face of violence, death, and suffering, conservatives opt to do nothing. Opting to do nothing when solutions are readily available amounts to moral failure.

Even scant acknowledgments of the United States’s past makes evident the vital role liberalism, progressivism, and socialism have always had when working toward equity and safety. Without the role of so-named left-wing ideologies and social movements, life would resemble conditions during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era–a miserable time for anyone who hasn’t among the 1 percent. This is not, however, to ignore the problematic role of sexism and racism often present in reform movements.

Back on topic:

Today another mass shooting occurred. Another one. The 307th this year.

This one at a church.

At least 26 have died and at least another 20 are injured.

All of this happened in 15 seconds. 15 seconds

When will Republicans say enough? When will Republicans admit we have a problem? When will Republicans offer true sympathy in the form of direct action? When will Republicans care more about life than their money? When will Republicans have the courage to stand against the NRA? When will Republicans say anything critical about guns?

When will people accept that guns only exist to kill?

You know you live in a backward society when all the governor offers is yet more prayer.

Across the geopolitical areas of Texas and the United States will the final conservative position always be to do nothing? 

Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda 

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