Students, Professors, and the Joys of Office Hours

Conversations with fellow professors often turn to the topic of office hours and their frustrated comments about how students never utilize this time. In contrast to some my colleagues, my office hours are always wonderfully busy with students. Frequently, I even have a line of students waiting to visit with me! Sometimes there are soContinue reading “Students, Professors, and the Joys of Office Hours”

Driving Down the Road and Surrounded by Capital and Debt

While driving down the street, I am frequently amazed at the capital and debt–the money–that surround me. I’m driving on a road across town and pass under bridges. There are road signs and road lights. This infrastructure and the related maintenance, of course, results in very high costs.  On the left, I quickly see theContinue reading “Driving Down the Road and Surrounded by Capital and Debt”

Bachmann: Archeology Proves the Bible is True

GOP politician Michele Bachmann recently commented: …You know the remarkable thing–when you read the Bible, every archeology find that’s ever come forward has only proved the authenticity of the Bible… Such a statement is both interesting and very problematic because Bachmann’s words are false, and because correctness is found much more in the exact opposite. ThatContinue reading “Bachmann: Archeology Proves the Bible is True”

World History: What if fair pay was normative?

Tonight a thought occurred to me: How very, very different would World History be if people had always been paid and always been paid fairly for their labor? How very different would present-day income distribution be in the United States–and across the globe? Of course, we must recognize that notions of capitalism, pay, labor, andContinue reading “World History: What if fair pay was normative?”

News and Clichéd Conversations and Responses

A few years ago now, I wrote about how people are simply overwhelmed with the amount of tragic news presented 24/7. While still maintaining this positions, I am increasingly concerned and frustrated by clichéd responses. Where there is a mass shooting, for example. When Donald Trump says anything, for example. When Barack Obama says anything,Continue reading “News and Clichéd Conversations and Responses”

Being Disabled And Unconditionally Rejected in Higher Education

At some institutions of higher education, faculty who are not perfectly able-bodied are effectively barred from even stepping on campus. Such practices—on top of the already-difficult job market and added to the ubiquity of microaggressions directed toward us crip people—automatically move some of society’s most educated people into the stack of unconditionally rejected applicants.        Continue reading “Being Disabled And Unconditionally Rejected in Higher Education”

More Queer Studies Class Poems

Everything has been so busy, I almost forgot to share the poems my students in Introduction to Queer Studies wrote this semester–they gave me permission to share them! (Spring 2017 poems are here.) These are the poems they write as an entire class. My contribution is the opening line, “Growing up it was always expected…”Continue reading “More Queer Studies Class Poems”