What a Month!

I haven’t posted a blog in a month! This is an especially long time considering I usually post an average of ten or so each month. So much has been happening. Let me share a few thoughts and updates.

During the past month, I had several appointments at U.T. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. All is basically fine, considering, but, alas, I am scheduled to have surgery #6 in December because of another tumor growing on my left hand. My left hand is still very weak and somewhat paralyzed from the surgery this past May.

On another topic, I turned 31! I love birthdays because they are a great time to celebrate being alive. We have an on-going family tradition that extends birthdays into several days – in this case what have become known as the “AJP Holidays.” My Alvin Grandparents helped make it the best birthday ever! Lots of great company and yummy food.

Oh, and it was right at one year ago that I finished my dissertation. The bound copies were finished this summer: 


As far as teaching goes, I am (sort of?) effectively full time at the University of Houston. I am teaching five classes this semester: two sections of Introduction to Queer Studies, two sections of First Year Writing II: Cross-Cultural Mores and Rituals, and one section of my special topics course: Theology, 20th C. Social Movements, and the United States. The first week was a blast, and I have wonderful students. Because I have students write so much (they learn by writing!), I’ve been grading all the time. (You can learn more about the courses I am teaching by clicking “teaching” and then “course information” at the top of this page.)

In addition to being busy, busy, I have also needed a mini-break from all things social media and Internet-related: I’ve been depressed and frustrated because Trumpism. That our nation has so little regard for decency and for honesty and for freedom and for rights is really sickening. Not that it’s all that new. It’s just even more on display and even more condoned. I really wish people would use their voice to demand better and condemn people who are Neo-Nazis and anything similar. 

Right now I continue to just miss the worst of Hurricane Harvey!

Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda