Trails and Flowers – My Grandmother’s Paintings Part 2

This is part two of a new series where I share the wonderful paintings made by my artist grandmother. Part one, Seasons, can be found here. In part two, Trails and Flowers, I share with you another five of these paintings. I used my Canon EOS Rebel T5 EF-S to take pictures of the original canvas.  Enjoy. And lookContinue reading “Trails and Flowers – My Grandmother’s Paintings Part 2”

Exploiting Kids On and Off Stage: Labor and Fiction

I often think about important ways in which the children who become star singers or become star actors or actresses in various television or film productions are exploited–exploited by their families, agents, colleagues, and audiences. Kids in such positions receive far too little critical academic attention.  The Kids Who Work Historically, child labor has notContinue reading “Exploiting Kids On and Off Stage: Labor and Fiction”

Evening Photography at Lake Jackson’s Shy Pond Park

I had so much fun this afternoon taking photographs with my Canon EOS Rebel T5 EF-S that I couldn’t stop! I just took 70-something pictures at Shy Pond Park and have narrowed it down to my favorite 15. It’s really interesting how different a picture can look depending on the exact lighting and settings used whenContinue reading “Evening Photography at Lake Jackson’s Shy Pond Park”

Afternoon Photography at Lake Jackson’s Dunbar Park

This afternoon I spent some time at Dunbar Park in Lake Jackson, Texas, taking some pictures–including a few that include my mother and dogs–with my Canon EOS Rebel T5 EF-S. With the right settings and adjustments, of which there are many, it takes some really wonderful pictures. Can’t you just see those leaves moving in theContinue reading “Afternoon Photography at Lake Jackson’s Dunbar Park”

5th Annual 4th of July Reflection

There is much to be really disappointed and sad about this 4th of July. Hold off on the celebrations until the national assault–chaired by our current president–on minorities and freedom comes to a halt. Instead of a regular reflection, I have provided several poems that provide critical insight into this nation’s sickness. Such artful andContinue reading “5th Annual 4th of July Reflection”

Seasons – My Grandmother’s Paintings Part 1

This blog is the first post of what will be at least a four part series. My grandmother spent many years painting, and my house is an art gallery for her many wonderful works! Combining the power of her talent and eye and of my Canon EOS Rebel T5 EF-S, I present to you eightContinue reading “Seasons – My Grandmother’s Paintings Part 1”