Seasons – My Grandmother’s Paintings Part 1

This blog is the first post of what will be at least a four part series. My grandmother spent many years painting, and my house is an art gallery for her many wonderful works! Combining the power of her talent and eye and of my Canon EOS Rebel T5 EF-S, I present to you eight of her paintings for the first part of this series, a series I have named Seasons.

Enjoy. And look for the other parts here soon. Thanks! 

(And it’s a nice break from my usual very academic articles!)

Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda 







maybe IMG_1107


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  1. I never knew Mrs. Lamb was an artist! Beautiful!

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  2. Yes Grandmother Lamb has lots of talent .

    Thanks for posting.

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  3. Beautiful

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  4. These were more fun with you sitting right there commenting on them, but my second look which I am taking now is fun as well.

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