This marks my 500th blog article!

Roughly 300,000 words* later and 345,159 hits later since my first blog on May 12, 2013, this post marks my 500th blog article. When I started blogging, I had no clue if I would actually end up blogging at all!

(*For comparison, my dissertation was 110,000 words and was a hair under 400 pages.)

Blogging is fun!!

It has really helped me articulate ideas and get to know so many people I would have never met otherwise. Blogging has helped get teaching gigs and has helped land some publications, including a few small paid gigs. Authors don’t get paid much–even for full books! Since blogging (and life) has its expenses, I’ve had a “tip jar” link available in the right margin area (on the bottom if you’re on an iPhone/etc.) for a few years, but no one has used it just yet. You an find it here, too! LOL. No pressure! I’m just glad to have readers and a platform to write.

Thanks for being a reader. 🙂 If you are new here or haven’t been here recently, please explore around – I have lots for you to read about culture, history, politics, and more! Consider signing up for email updates, too! You can also “like” my public Facebook page (or follow me on Twitter, but I don’t use it as often). 

Here’s to another 500 articles! 

Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda