“This is the best season of ‘The Apprentice’ yet!” – Donald Trump as a Fictional Character

People who support Donald Trump, despite the evidence of his illegal activities-evidence that grows daily, do not believe he is doing any real damage or that he is different from any other politician.

Let’s back up a bit. The people who support Donald Trump are almost exclusively White, at least middle class, and Christian. They are among the most privileged people in the nation. Intersectionality matters.

For them, everything seems normal. They have created lives that blind them to what actually happens in the United States and elsewhere. They are often afraid of history and science, too.

For them, Trumpism does not threaten their very existence.

For them, Trumpism promises to actually reinstate discrimination, to erase much needed divisions between state and religion, and to draw new attention to the power of Whiteness.

For them, Trumpism is nothing more than a new episode of The Apprentice. On The Facts‘s Facebook page they asked people for thoughts about Trump and James Comey. One vocal Trump supporter said that everything Trump is doing is great, that people have nothing to worry about, and that current events represent the “best season of The Apprentice yet!”

For people who support Trump, Trumpism, and Republicans, everything that is happening is nothing more than fiction. A television show with fictional characters meant to entertain. A television show without real life consequences. A television show where no one will actually die. A television show that has numbed, en masse, hearts and minds.

It takes an extreme amount of privilege to blind oneself to the reality experienced by most people.  

More thoughts to come another day.

Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda

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  1. Donald Trump was a life long democrat until a few years ago. I personally did not vote for him in the primaries.
    Trump won the election because of voters 35 and over… those of us with more life experience, more experience with different presidents of different political affiliation, more experience living on our own, paying taxes and understanding the value of the dollar and working for it.
    Donald Trump also won because of people making over $50,000 a year. Again, those of us that pay the taxes and understand that the few can not support the many that expect a handout from their government.
    But how could I possibly understand understand all this since my whiteness makes me ignorant?


  2. I strongly suspected that when Reagan was elected, that there were voters out there cynical enough about our electoral process to realize that no one was running who would, could or even wanted to represent them, that all they could hope for was to elect an entertainer. They got their wish in boatloads with Trump. Most of his supporters do not expect him to do anything for them. No one else has ever done so, despite their promises, so why should they expect Trump to do so? That explains why so many of his supporters have not “dropped” their support for him. It is not just that he disrupts Congress and throws the government into chaos–that is not the reason why they voted for him, although it clearly thrills them for the entertainment value. Because of a very long history of government of, by and for the corporations, most voters cannot expect much to help them and their needs, no matter what their social/ethnic/lower economic values. If all you want from your president is entertainment, you will be happy with Trump.

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