Spring 2017 Final Exam Class Selfies

Last semester my students and I started a new tradition of taking a class selfie during the final exam period. This semester I had a selfie stick that I bought for the occasion! These class selfies are below! Enjoy! I had wonderful students again this semester. 


WGSS2360-04 Class Selfie

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Spring 2017 2328

HIST2327-01 Class Selfie

Spring 2017 2301

HIST2301-01 Class Selfie

Fall 2016 Class Selfies can be found here.

Teaching is the best!

Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda

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  1. I would be very careful with doing this. There are many reasons, since there may be some students who have never taken a selfie before, nor had one posted online. You do not want to the first person to post their photos online. Another reason stems from the feeling that some might have that they HAVE to do this, no matter how much you tell them they do not, since social groups can drive people to join them in behaviors that some would never do on their own. Those of us who were never allowed to have an identity within our families mght not be so happy with doing this. I know that I wouldn’t have been at the most common age of your students. I always hated having photos taken. If you have grown up in a situation where your identity is unwanted, then you will fear the attacks and conclusions people will make upon seeing your photo online. On the other hand, it is always gratifying to see a class photo at the end of a very productive and happy semester. Many would want to have a photo of all the people they took this class with. They may not be happy with seeing several “black holes” where a student’s photo would normally appear. This is one case where a “democratic” choice is just not acceptable, putting nuance where “following rules” would not work.

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    • I’ll keep this in mind! Everyone was really excited to take the group picture and it was a unique way to end the semester. All of my students are adults, knew the photo would be used on social media, and had the option to step aside, so I think it’ll be fine. I’ve done this before and never had a problem. But I know computers and our current society complicated everything.


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