Ableism, Travel, and the Realities of Living with Neurofibromatosis

To begin, this post is not directed at any individual. I have numerous friends who regularly travel, and that’s great. I always enjoy hearing about places around the world. However, as I have recently mentioned, May is Neurofibromatosis month (read more here), and I wanted to make a few more comments about ableism and travel. For peopleContinue reading “Ableism, Travel, and the Realities of Living with Neurofibromatosis”

May is Neurofibromatosis Month!

Neurofibromatosis is the most common genetic disorder, affecting me and approximately 1 in 2,500-3,000, yet most people (including some medical doctors!) do not know about it. There is currently no cure. Research is needed, (and because of neoliberalism,) research really, really depends on donations.  Neurofibromatosis affects the entire body. Some symptoms include:  People can haveContinue reading “May is Neurofibromatosis Month!”

But You’re America. A Poem.

But You’re America.  But you’re America. But you’re America. You have the power to alleviate all pain. But you’re America. You choose to be greedy and selfish. Because you’re America. You laugh and mock when people ask you to be kind. Because you’re America. You refuse to improve and change. Because you’re America. You forgetContinue reading “But You’re America. A Poem.”

“The Shack” (2017): Representations and Uses of Christian Theology

Stuart Hazeldine’s The Shack (2017) is one of the latest in a flood of recent Christian-themed movies. Unlike many of its cousin films, The Shack adopts a much more progressive interpretation of Christian Theology that sharply contrasts with that of Fundamentalist Christian Theology.  The Shack challenges people to re-think how the Christian God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are conceptualized inContinue reading ““The Shack” (2017): Representations and Uses of Christian Theology”

13 Reasons Why “13 Reasons Why” Demands Caution

Given how many of my students have been watching and talking about 13 Reasons Why, as well as how many think-pieces I have been seeing, I figured I had better see what it is all about for myself. I binge-watched the entire series, thirteen episodes, a few days ago. Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why revolves around Hannah Baker, a highContinue reading “13 Reasons Why “13 Reasons Why” Demands Caution”

“This is the best season of ‘The Apprentice’ yet!” – Donald Trump as a Fictional Character

People who support Donald Trump, despite the evidence of his illegal activities-evidence that grows daily, do not believe he is doing any real damage or that he is different from any other politician. Let’s back up a bit. The people who support Donald Trump are almost exclusively White, at least middle class, and Christian. They areContinue reading ““This is the best season of ‘The Apprentice’ yet!” – Donald Trump as a Fictional Character”

Spring 2017 Final Exam Class Selfies

Last semester my students and I started a new tradition of taking a class selfie during the final exam period. This semester I had a selfie stick that I bought for the occasion! These class selfies are below! Enjoy! I had wonderful students again this semester.  Fall 2016 Class Selfies can be found here. TeachingContinue reading “Spring 2017 Final Exam Class Selfies”

Checking in on Dr. Trevor Boffone’s “50 Playwrights Project” – Interview Series #3

In March 2016, Dr. Trevor Boffone and I chatted about the launch of his 50 Playwrights Project, which focuses on Latino, Latina, Latin@, Latinx theatre and its playwrights. You can read that interview here. Recently, I had a chance to interview Dr. Boffone again and see what has happened with 50 Playwrights Project (or 50PP, as it’s abbreviated) over theContinue reading “Checking in on Dr. Trevor Boffone’s “50 Playwrights Project” – Interview Series #3”