In Defense of Bill Nye The Science Guy

Last week one of my students at the University of Houston emailed me to recommend an episode of Bill Nye’s new show Bill Nye Saves the World. This student said he watched an episode on the gender and sex spectrum similar to what we discussed in class. I watched this thirty-minute episode a few days ago andContinue reading “In Defense of Bill Nye The Science Guy”

Theology, 20th C. Social Movements, & the United States

In the Fall 2017 semester, I am teaching an upper-level Special Topics course I have named Theology, 20th C. Social Movements, & the United States! Students with a major or minor in Religious Studies; History; Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; or GLBT Studies can take this course for credit toward their core major/minor classes. All studentsContinue reading “Theology, 20th C. Social Movements, & the United States”

Ableism and the Music Industry – A Few Thoughts

Here lately I am more and more interested in ableism and able-bodied privilege due to my own personal interests, the growing body of literature in Disability Studies, and in preparation for a solicited article I will be writing here soon on the History of Neurofibromatosis. For some time, I have noticed that music videos (orContinue reading “Ableism and the Music Industry – A Few Thoughts”

Will + Skill ≠ Success: Intersectionality, Student Depression, and Reality

In their introduction to college textbooks, Sherrie Nist-Olejnik and Jodi Patrick Holschuh explain to students that college success can be achieved with the appropriate skill and will. In other words, they argue that if you know how to read, study, and write at the college-level, for example, and if you are appropriately motivated and set goals, college success–inContinue reading “Will + Skill ≠ Success: Intersectionality, Student Depression, and Reality”

An Open Letter to Neil Gorsuch

Dear Judge Gorsuch, You have promised to uphold the law and to be fair. Given that the Senate has moved to change the rules in order to place you on the highest court in the United States, you have an obligation to withdrawal your name from consideration. Winning by cheating is not winning, nor–in this case–isContinue reading “An Open Letter to Neil Gorsuch”