Representations Matter!: Gender, Race, and the Normative

Just a quick thought, and I need to vent!

This afternoon I had a doctor’s appointment, and while in the second waiting room (because: capitalism and bureaucracy?) , I noticed this White man staring at me.

Exhibit A:


I looked around me and noticed a group of White men and women were also staring at me but from behind.

Exhibit B:  


And then I fully processed that they were all normative – White, gender conforming, and generally people society deems attractive. And then I thought about all of the patients they have who are in no way represented by these static people on the wall–people with a strong normative gaze–and that made me sad and interested.

So I found a meme that lightens the mood and perfectly sums up the situation today.

Exhibit C:


Always pay attention to your environment! 🙂

Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda