Behind a Politician’s Doors, A Poem

Do you ever wonder what really happens behind a politician’s doors?
The power enabled by uninformed and short-sided people,
The words screamed, whispered, cried, silenced, and deleted,
the hopes dashed, the hopes fulfilled,
all for their personal gain, of course,
fears alleviated, the fears confirmed,
the people condemned to die,
people made into oligarchs,
people deliberately impoverished,
the tears that cannot be shed, and
vivid nightmares forever ignored.
Do you wonder what happens when politicians meet with others?
The fake laughs, smilies, hugs, handshakes,
forced memories, lies, and compromises with devils,
the promises broken, the people fooled again,
the meetings with other politicians,
the meetings with everyday citizens,
the meetings deliberately avoided,
ghosts of the past overseeing everything,
everything about the game where,
everybody loses.
Do you ever wonder about the politican who was once a newborn? 

Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda

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  1. I do not think the word “compromises” runs through the mind of a politician in action. I think the word “compromises” has been placed in our lexicon for public consumption after that public has been bemused by inexplicable political actions. This idea fits well in the line “compromises with devils”. A politician may be very personally satisfied with an action and outcome. Please seek who in reality is adversely affected by compromises.

    I appreciate your thoughtful poem.

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