Pity for Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway is the subject of much criticism lately.

Some of it necessary – her lies about Donald Trump and his administration’s activities. 

Some of it disgusting – her appearance. (Most of the photos available of her are deliberately “bad photos.”)

I wanted to take a minute to articulate what a day in her life might be like:

She is probably more “on call,” more always working, 24/7, than Donald Trump himself.

Think about how poorly Donald Trump has been treating people — mocking disabled people, accusing Mexicans, disrespecting women, yelling at reporters, criminalizing immigrants  — I can almost guarantee that he treats Kellyanne Conway the same way and maybe much, much worse. I’ve seen parallel situations with my own eyes. 

Did you see her extreme discomfort around him at the ball the evening he was inaugurated? She appeared to be scared of him and did not want him touching her. 

It’s easy for us to say that she is willing to lie for the money, puts up with any abuse from Donald Trump for the money, but it might be that she is essentially stuck in a very abusive relationship.

Have you considered that?

Have you considered how Donald Trump might be abusing Kellyanne? Kellyanne could well be another victim of Trumpism – maybe she doesn’t realize it? Or, maybe she is fully aware (well, as aware as possible, given that 98 percent of human thought is beyond what we can even know or understand) and voluntarily perpetuates Trumpism.

No matter what, we live in a sexist society – and Kellyanne has been a victim of sexism since the doctors said, “It’s a girl.” 

What do you think?

Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda