Four Things We Need To Know:

  • What are people–television hosts, teachers, doctors, authors, preachers, business owners, employees, children, parents, grandparents, friends, and others–being silent about?
  • What can we do to survive the bombardment of hate that has occurred this week? How can we build communities that truly love and care for all? All with no exceptions, pauses, hesitations, blind suspicious, or conditions. 
  • Why doesn’t the general public have some kind of voice or authority over churches? Since churches do not pay any taxes (a move that costs billions yearly), that means other people pay for them to exist and pay more in property and sales taxes, for example, to compensate. This is especially important given that right-wing churches today could easily be classified as hate groups, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s definitions. This is also important since right-wing churches are the number one cause of Trumpism. 
  • Who all is actually behind Trump’s actions? Given that Trump is incompetent, is completely lacking in political or legal experience, and is possibly insane, according to experts, who is actually behind his flood of Executive Orders and Official Statements this week? Trump can’t possibly know what he is actually doing. 

Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda


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  1. Well, we can hardly question why German citizens elected Hitler anymore. Warren Buffet on Charlie Rose last night commented on Trump’s Muslim ban. He said that two Jewish refugees were probably the most responsible for saving the US in WWII. They wrote a letter to FDR to tell him that Hitler was close to developing a nuclear bomb. FDR took them seriously and the Manhattan Project was born. Furthermore, dozens of Jewish refugees brought their expertise to that project and to others. The technology from those projects helped us to prevent the development of the nuclear bomb in Germany, ending WWII. The 2 refugees? Physicists Leo Szilard and Albert Einstein.

    We turned away thousands of Jewish refugees before we got involved in WWII and even during it. However the influx of refugees, of all types, from a severely damaged post-WWII Europe probably contributed enormously to the rapid recovery in our economy, well before the UK, Greece, Spain and Italy, e.g., who were still rationing commodities 10 years later.


  2. Thank you for the link to that interesting psychological assessment of Trump. I once heard a psychologist say that treating narcissists was a completely thankless job. Few probablly take them on, reflecting the general population in that respect. So most probably never go through treatment and a lot of what psychologists say about them should probably be taken with a grain of salt, because of the lack of contact.

    Yes, I also heard the argument that narcissism stems from the child who goes through that stage in life where they demand attention to whatever they do, all the time, and people just ignore them. But, at that first stage of this exhibition of narcissism, the parents do the wrong thing and do not give the affirmation the child needs because they are afraid they might spoil him. The child continues to demand attention for the rest of his life. That demand for attention is definitely tiring for any parent, but clearly finding things that help the child learn how to get the attention they need when they need it, at that age, is the job of the parent. It is a critical window of opportunity that is not open to the parent later in the child’s life.

    The author of the article, and most other authors I have read on Trump psychology, keep saying that he came from a loving family but not citing any evidence. Was it only from Trump’s words? Remember, his father wanted him to be really tough and showed disappointment with his older brother for not being tough. Any child who so desperately wants approval from a parent probably suffers from a lack of attention from that parent at a critical early time in life. Most psychologists recognize that. However, equating Trump’s narcissism with LBJ’s or others in that list of presidents may be problematical. LBJ did not grow up wealthy. He had enormous empathy for the poor. Trump has absolutely no empathy. For all we know, any kindness he shows is probably as a result of others in his family urging it.

    Trump is an incredible actor, but people become good actors often, and usually, because they saw incredible acting by the adults around them. The last thing a family wants others to see are the cracks. From Trumps story about a loving mother and a dad who disappeared from the scene to work implies neglect by the father, at least. However, calling his mother loving may also be a lie. So many kids who are very damaged by neglect, will idolize their mothers. She may have had little to do with raising the kids because they were wealthy enough to have a nanny. Her only presence in his life may have been when she was giving him gifts or treating him like royalty. Few mothers can really make up for the lack of a dad, despite what they say. I have heard that Homo sapiens evolved within a family unit. Homo (s.?) neanderthalensis did not. Early childhood neglect is truly damaging, whether it is by a single parent or both parents and will cause varying amount of lifetime change in the child.

    Most of us coming across narcissists when we are kids will reject them, too. We avoid them. They become loners. However, privilege can have a very different effect. What teacher, supervisor, adult will stand up to the narcissistic kid whose parent has money? In America, most money is found among whites, so we can be forgiven if we confuse privilege with being white in many cases for discussion. The poorer you are, the less tolerance for your narcissism, no matter how much money you come from, being tough helps you gain a foothold in the world you would never get access to by being narcissistic. Being wealthy and narcissistic means you do not have to pay much attention to altering your urges at all.

    The author of the article, writing before the election, says that Trump would probably not be too risky in his decisions. I guess that he is probably eating those words today.


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