Christian Silence: A Poem

Christian silence: we hear it when people are happy and when people have gained recognition as humans, living life to its fullest, we hear it when people want to make change and truly provide for people in this cruel world, we hear it when science disproves fables and explains mysteries that defeat all odds, we hear itContinue reading “Christian Silence: A Poem”

Four Things We Need To Know:

What are people–television hosts, teachers, doctors, authors, preachers, business owners, employees, children, parents, grandparents, friends, and others–being silent about? What can we do to survive the bombardment of hate that has occurred this week? How can we build communities that truly love and care for all? All with no exceptions, pauses, hesitations, blind suspicious, or conditions. Continue reading “Four Things We Need To Know:”

“How Low Can You Go?”: The Tragedy of Conservatism and Christianity

Because words currently fail me, below I share a few items from social media today that capture some of my thoughts and serious concerns. I will say we must, somehow, create a society where people do not fear truth, facts, and evidence, while having people also recognize that everything is relative, morality is subjective, the universeContinue reading ““How Low Can You Go?”: The Tragedy of Conservatism and Christianity”

“The Hollars” (2016): Men, Missed Opportunities, and Representations in the Movies

Representations matter.  The Hollars (2016) is one of far too many movies that fails the Bechdel Test. Moreover, it’s one of countless movies that has far more roles for men than for women. The Hollars opens with the mother passing out. She has a brain tumor and ultimately dies. This is a White family. Throughout the course of the movieContinue reading ““The Hollars” (2016): Men, Missed Opportunities, and Representations in the Movies”

Social Disruption and Historical Perspectives

I think that we’ve got to see that a riot is the language of the unheard.  In recent years especially, a few of those who protest sometimes resort to blocking highways or even to violence. Blocking roads is a more common strategy than violence, but, especially, when we see displays of violence (or destruction ofContinue reading “Social Disruption and Historical Perspectives”

Untitled Poem

Words do not exist to express the fear and sadness, Sadness we feel as people openly celebrate hate, Hate upon which this backward nation was built, Built and rebuilt and rebuilt and rebuilt again now, Rebuilt as hate, greed, stupidity define our nationalism, Nationalism for only Heterosexual Male WASPs, Wasps with venom that poisons theContinue reading “Untitled Poem”