On 11/9 (a few thoughts)

11/9 was a terrifying day for many of us, as we heard the news about President Elect Donald Trump early, early in the morning. On 11/9 I was unable to think, write, or be around people. Even a few days later, I struggle to be productive.  People are rightfully terrified and horrified because Trump has promisedContinue reading “On 11/9 (a few thoughts)”

Voter Suppression and Voting Locations

As a result of Republicans and their failure refusal to renew the Voting Rights Act of 1965, states have drastically reduced the number of possible locations where people can vote. And no surprise, Texas leads the nation – it has closed over 400 voting locations! In Brazoria County, a geopolitical area with over 330,000 people,Continue reading “Voter Suppression and Voting Locations”

Voting Should Not Be A Selfish Act

Again and again this election cycle I see people advising others to “vote for who best represents you,” “vote for who promises to make things better for you,” “vote for the person who you think will make the nation better for you.” One Facebook comment I found reads: If you want to feel good about yourContinue reading “Voting Should Not Be A Selfish Act”