On 11/9 (a few thoughts)

11/9 was a terrifying day for many of us, as we heard the news about President Elect Donald Trump early, early in the morning.

On 11/9 I was unable to think, write, or be around people. Even a few days later, I struggle to be productive. 

People are rightfully terrified and horrified because Trump has promised to make life a living hell for people who are not White and cis-male and able-bodied and Christian and heterosexual and rich – demographic characteristics that once constituted the status quo. Minorities across the nation are being attacked–hundreds of cases are now known. My students at Alvin Community College and at the University of Houston have been victims, too.

We must continue pressing for reform.

Andrew Joseph Pegoda 

p.s. – I am making a renewed commitment to call out any and all information that I hear or read that is rooted in fear, in lies, or in misinformation. 

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