11 (Legitimate) Reasons People Forgo Voting

I have seen so much non-voter shaming this week that I feel an article is necessary to address why people don’t vote. 

  1. They are not allowed to vote because of their age, country-of-origin, residency, and/or relationship with the legal system for actions deemed a crime. 
  2. They are not able to vote because their job(s) require(s) them to work too many hours. 
  3. They are not able to vote because there aren’t any locations at which to vote. (See this post for more details.)
  4. They are members of any minority group and have no reason to believe their voice will actually be heard or advocated. 
  5. They are afraid their employer or someone will use how they voted against them.
  6. They are intimidated by friends, by family, or by people at the voting location to vote for a certain person or position. 
  7. They don’t feel that they know enough about the issues to make an informed decision and are too busy to learn or weren’t given enough education in public school to understand.
  8. They desire to protest the system since politicians lie. 
  9. They cannot afford an ID, where/as necessary.
  10. They don’t know an election is happening, especially in the case of small, local elections. 
  11. They are harassed for not voting. 

Andrew Joseph Pegoda

See also, 20 Reasons Not to Vote  (by Robert Rorschach)



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