Shout-out to Josh Inocéncio and his “Purple Eyes”

This is a public thank you to Josh Inocéncio for visiting my Introduction to Queer Studies class at the University of Houston tonight!! From his webpage, Josh Inocéncio is a playwright and performer who focuses on queer and indigenous reclamations within Latina/o and Euro-American cultures. 

He preformed part of his fascinating, absolutely excellent play Purple Eyes for the class and discussed various details of how it came to be. He will be performing the play in full at UH on February 28, 2017.

Dr. Trevor Boffone introduced me to Josh’s work this summer when he launched his 50 Playwrights Project (Read my interview with Trevor here. Read Trevor’s interview with Josh here.)

Some pictures from tonight’s class: 

For more about Purple Eyes see this and this. Be sure to think about bringing Josh and Purple Eyes to your school, group, or theater! 

Andrew Joseph Pegoda