White People Upset That Democracy Continues in the Face of Hillary Win

WASHINGTON—Hours after news officially broke that Hillary Rodham Clinton won in the Electoral College and will become the 45th President of the United States, White people en masse took to the streets and to social media to express their disbelief.

We spoke with Mark Adams who had trouble speaking he was so upset. He said, “Democracy has simply gone too far. We need to maintain the White heterosexual man as the supreme being and patriarch. Donald Trump promised to dismantle democracy.”

Apparently, this belief is not uncommon. We talked with supporter after supporter who said their main reason for voting for Trump was his promise to end democracy and all notions of freedom and opportunity.

Robin McDaniel said she specifically voted for Trump so that her daughter will always have to be dependent on her father and then her husband. McDaniel reported being overwhelmed with autonomy. “Women need a man to guide them and protect them and keep them from getting out-of-control.”  

McDaniel’s husband, William McDaniel, said he is fearful to see what will happen under Clinton. He said, “With Hillary’s record and opportunity to recreate the Supreme Court, we’re looking at having a nation with more equality and fairness than ever before. We might as well go into hiding. I just don’t know what my wife and children are going to do. It’s a dangerous world out there. For centuries, this nation has suppressed minorities and education and look how far things have come!”

People took to the street, too. So far we’re aware of around four hundred deaths and one thousands injuries. Mobs of White men and women have been attacking other White men and women, as well as non-White people, educators, doctors, and politicians.

Some cities have issued advisories to residents saying to stay in your house and to report any suspicious activity. Mayor Austin Todd of Industry, Texas, said, “While extending congratulations to Mrs. Clinton, we warn citizens to stay put until control can be regained. We suspect that after protestors are reassured that things will basically continue the way they always have, things will calm down. Some people just need extra time to accept that a woman will be president. But rest assured: We will fully prosecute those who participated in destruction of public property and who either hurt or killed innocent citizens. And things will be just fine. There is no reason to be afraid. We should all be thankful that Trump did not win.”

Trump has taken to Twitter where he is claiming the Russians lied to him about rigging the election. 

Last updated Wednesday, November 9, 2016, 4:18 am – We’ll continue updating this Breaking News Special