Contemporary Society, Rules Everywhere, and Forced Disobedience

Everywhere we go, a barrage of rules bombards us from every direction. Yet, these rules have little affect beyond altering a kind of everyday cultural geography and potentially creating a sense of unease or frustration in people. As things are, these rules are often unenforceable or not enforced. Some of them are outside the scope of thisContinue reading “Contemporary Society, Rules Everywhere, and Forced Disobedience”

A massive Trump-ordered deportation might look like this:

Imagine some group or agency inevitably comprised of all unquestionably pure White men listening to orders from a superior. Imagine this superior assigning each man a certain number of houses and ordering him to visit each one in the next ten hours.  Imagine this man, who is heavily armed, knocking on the door or busting down theContinue reading “A massive Trump-ordered deportation might look like this:”