The Development of and Perpetuation of Racism 2.0 – a few comments

What I call Racism 2.0 (and Sexism 2.0, Nationalism 2.0, etc.) is manifestations of this ideology and pattern of discrimination on the Internet, especially through social media.

Memes can be very powerful, useful, and accurate. They have a poetic quality of sometimes conveying complex ideas in simple, yet significant ways.

However, a large number of memes embody inaccurate notions of History and harmful messages.

Consider this meme that I came across the other day – it is probably the most offensive meme I have ever come across:


Not only does this meme spread downright bad History but it perpetuates racism by also perpetuating sexism and woman-hating. This meme seems to also forget that there are Irish women and men. 

This meme shows zero understanding of intersectionality. Zero understanding of accurate History. Zero understanding of the theories associated with Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Zero sense of morality. Zero sense of connection with fellow humans. Rejecting the past does not make it less true or less important. 

People really need to learn and regular do basic “fact checking.” Accurate information about people of Irish and African origin is readily available on the Internet.

For more information on this meme check out this, this, or this.

Andrew Joseph Pegoda