A massive Trump-ordered deportation might look like this:

Imagine some group or agency inevitably comprised of all unquestionably pure White men listening to orders from a superior.

Imagine this superior assigning each man a certain number of houses and ordering him to visit each one in the next ten hours. 

Imagine this man, who is heavily armed, knocking on the door or busting down the door, demanding papers that prove citizenship and searching every inch of the house for anyone who might be hiding. 

Imagine that this man discovers a family hidden in the attic. Are they shot on the spot? Are they taken to a camp? What about the people hiding them?

Imagine this man knocks on a door and finds that a child has the required papers but not her parents. The child is taken in one direction, the parents in another. Both are deeply afraid. 

Imagine seeing unusual vans and cars up and down the streets as they conduct this business and hearing screams and cries from every direction as people are rounded up.

Imagine the group charged with purifying the United States taking over neighborhoods and towns that consist mainly of minorities. 

Imagine, since deporting millions of people is unrealistic, camps built around the nation’s large cities designed such that they could hold thousands of people. 

Imagine people dying by the hundreds from inadequate nutrition and medical attention as they are held in camps and maybe transported around the nation.

Imagine seeing White people not care and continuing to ignore racism.

Imagine other countries listing the United States on their “most dangerous” lists.

Imagine something worse than a nightmare. 


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  1. This is a great piece. Brought me to tears and made me remember my trip to the Ann Frank house in Amsterdam. I share a lot each day but today this is the only thing I will post.

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  2. I imagine the constitution has become a scrap of ignored paper. A series of presidents have entangled the U.S. in global conflicts that we will never be free of. Power has centralized at the top in ways never intended. The erosion of checks and balances has opened the door for iron fisted leadership at home and abroad. I imagine forced deportation’s destruction of lives, the economy, and our way of life. I imagine the House and Senate as casual bystanders in these dystopic events. I cannot imagine how Mr. Bernie Sanders may feel about being robbed of his legitimate chance to represent his party as the best chance to beat Mr. Trump in November.

    Thank you for the stimulation!


  3. This is one of your best–excellent parallelism, Well done!

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