Fall 2016 Update

Hello friends!

My blogging activity might continue to be less than usual, as things are really, really busy. (The four-legged friends make sure I take plenty of time to play with them!) But my list of topics to blog about only continues to grow! 

This summer I finally finished my dissertation! It’s almost 400 pages and examines films about the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s where civil rights for Black people are concerned. I am currently revising and looking to graduate in December. Hopefully, a University Press will be interested in it very soon. I already know of several things I want to do as it transitions into being an academic monograph.  

This semester I am teaching Mexican American History I and Texas History at Alvin Community College. I am also teaching Introduction to Queer/LGBT Studies at the University of Houston. I have great groups of students. Small classes too – 6 in Mexican American, 18 in Texas, and 21 in Intro to Queer Studies. 

AND in about two weeks I begin a philosophy graduate program at the University of Edinburgh, which is one of the oldest and top-ranking universities in the world!

I also had many all-day check-ups for all of my medical problems this summer – everything is looking pretty good right now. 

Now, hopefully, I’ll score a full time gig here soon!

The dissertation is the hardest part of graduate school!