The New Military Urbanism


Photo taken by Jonathan Bachman, Baton Rouge, July 2016

Described by Jami West as: 

Look at her posture. She is balanced, powerful, upright and well grounded with both feet firmly planted on the earth. Look at the line made from the crown of her head to the heels of her feet. She is only protected by the force of her own personal power.

By contrast, the officers have the transitory, temporary, protection of their equipment that will be removed at the end of their shift. They are rocked back on their heels, knocked off balance, and appear about to fall over backward, just from the power of her.

This is a legendary picture. It will be in history and art books from this time.

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  1. Urban militarism is sponsored from the economic elite and collapses into to the streets. I would like to know why the puppet masters are pushing this current state of violence. Is this akin to 1950’s and 1960’s social violence? Is the genesis similar? Did I foolishly perceive progress in the last 40 years? I am instructed to think. What is/are the “cooler heads prevail element” to do in response to these absurd national actions? Note that the greater world is oddly agape and silent at this American madness. What elements happened to derail our potential?

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  1. Introducing Children to the Rhetoric of Living in a Police State – Without Ritual, Autonomous Negotiations
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