Capitalism: As a System of Punishment

We are taught that capitalism rewards innovative individuals. Neoliberal social institutions throughout the United States, especially the media, embody and decree messages that shout, “Hard work and dedication will allow you to achieve anything and live in great comfort!” These messages ignore that for the vast majority of people capitalism is not a system whereby labor,Continue reading “Capitalism: As a System of Punishment”

Personal Experience and the Failure of Understanding

As a thought experiment, let’s imagine that for one minute you could know every single thing that occurred throughout Texas, in private and public spaces, every where, every thing, with every living and non-living creature. In such a case, you would only know what happened during that one minute in 7.0739 percent of the United StatesContinue reading “Personal Experience and the Failure of Understanding”

Elitism and Social Pressure: Discounts, “Clean Food,” and Gender – Things On My Mind, Series #4

I’ve had several thoughts things on my mind today, and I’d like to share those with you. Today after having lunch with my mother we went to Bath and Body Works. I enjoyed looking around at the different products and enjoying the different smells. I was basically off in my own world until I heardContinue reading “Elitism and Social Pressure: Discounts, “Clean Food,” and Gender – Things On My Mind, Series #4″

Always, Keep Writing, Always.

Keep writing when the world is bad and when it is good, Keep writing and sharing that which is wrong, Keep writing to #Sayhername and to #Sayhisname, Keep writing when there’s nowhere else to turn, Keep writing and sharing that which deserves celebration, Keep writing, Keep writing to articulate, boost, celebrate, demand, and expose, KeepContinue reading “Always, Keep Writing, Always.”

The New Military Urbanism

Described by Jami West as:  Look at her posture. She is balanced, powerful, upright and well grounded with both feet firmly planted on the earth. Look at the line made from the crown of her head to the heels of her feet. She is only protected by the force of her own personal power. ByContinue reading “The New Military Urbanism”

The Usefulness of Trials, or Why Trials are Dangerous

I am increasingly alarmed at how few people receive trials. What happened to our society that, at times, proclaimed the right to a trial as a basic human right? Of course, this right mainly applied to those racialized as White; virtually never to enslaved Blacks; but it was a start. As discussed in texts suchContinue reading “The Usefulness of Trials, or Why Trials are Dangerous”

5 Favorite Classroom Suggestions That Can Be Adapted Anywhere

What Did You Learn Activity:  When we are at a good stopping place as far as the topic of discussion or what I am lecturing about but there are just three or four minutes left rather than dismissing early I use those extra minutes to go around the room once or twice and have everyone nameContinue reading “5 Favorite Classroom Suggestions That Can Be Adapted Anywhere”

4th Annual 4th of July Piece: Country, Constitution, and Political Philosophy

This is part of what has become a yearly series. To see previous posts, click the following links accordingly: 2013: Personal Histories and Reflections about the 4th of July, 2014: “4th of July” vs “Independence Day” – Hidden Power of Words Series, #11, 2015: Third Annual 4th of July Reflection: Inability to Use Evidence—2015’s #1 Problem. Given my latestContinue reading “4th Annual 4th of July Piece: Country, Constitution, and Political Philosophy”