Academics, Economics, Society, and More – Things On My Mind, Series #3

This has been a busy and quick month! I was sick with the stomach flu for a week, had a few full days of medical appointments, and have been working on the final parts of my dissertation, as much as possible. During this time, I’ve had a number of things on my mind, and below,Continue reading “Academics, Economics, Society, and More – Things On My Mind, Series #3”

Multi- Anti- or Post-Disciplinarianism??

Given how there is a bit of “history,” “biology,” “sociology,” and “physics” in all academic inquiries and this is increasingly recognized and embraced and given how much we know (and don’t know!), academic conversations frequently involve at least some discussion of whether are not academic “subjects” remain useful? or where they ever useful? People sometimes suggest they weContinue reading “Multi- Anti- or Post-Disciplinarianism??”