Queering “Full House” and “Fuller House”

People either love or hate Full House (1987-1995) and now Fuller House (2016-). One of many reasons to love these shows is that they provide a Queer outlook on family life, which has been almost completely ignored by the blogosphere. A “queered” analysis examines the ways in which a text relates or does not relate to what society has labeled asContinue reading “Queering “Full House” and “Fuller House””

What is true? of value?: Information, Access, and the 21st Century

One of many on-going culture wars pivots the “new” against the “old.” Specifically, in this case, the library is classified as being good and the safe-keeper of truth (i.e., books), while the Internet is seen as new and untrue, as in the meme below.  My immediate reaction when seeing this meme is: not everything in the library is true eitherContinue reading “What is true? of value?: Information, Access, and the 21st Century”