Olive Garden, Chicken Fingers, and a Sad Mega Crisis

I’ve been eating at Olive Garden for over two decades. I’ve always ended up finding the usual items at the places I eat at. With two exceptions, I get the same thing every time at the places I eat at. Major creature of habit.

Yesterday while having a nice lunch at Olive Garden, I noticed that chicken fingers were no longer on the menu. I ordered them anyway (just like the week before and hundreds of other times). They came out. I was somewhat worried about them not being on the menu officially (but that happens), I was really worried when most of the chicken fingers were about the size of two quarters (very different from the picture below). 

After emailing with the company, I found out today, Wednesday, January 27, 2016, at 11:00 am that as soon as the various stories run out, there will no longer be chicken fingers. 😦 

I’ve been just about heartbroken and unable to work. How I am supposed to finish the dissertation now! Olive Garden’s chicken fingers with tomato sauce are/were seriously, absolutely delicious–some of the very best out there. Here’s to hoping Olive Garden changes its mind.

Olive Garden, people who try your chicken fingers love them, but most do not know about them and/or assumed they won’t be very good. Given them another chance! And really advertise them. Please! 



Picture of Olive Garden Chicken Fingers from May 2015 in Pearland, Texas

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