The Rhetoric of Open Carry – Texas Edition

Much to the chagrin to the majority of Texans, including law enforcement agencies and those for canceled carry, open carry begins in Texas in just a few hours. This law will allow the approximately 100,000 people with concealed permits to openly carry guns. The law also prohibits inquiring if said person is legally openly carrying, unlessContinue reading “The Rhetoric of Open Carry – Texas Edition”

You destroyed me (Photo and Poetry)

You destroyed me. You destroyed me. You destroyed my home. You destroyed my family, too. You completely changed my nature. You never asked me for permission. You knew I would shout no. You saw life as a competition. But, still I shout my suffering. You made me a destroyer. You thought I was an easy target.Continue reading “You destroyed me (Photo and Poetry)”

If you’re on the Left, you need to follow your own advice: Stop altering History.

Quick thoughts related to our societal-wide problem, crossing all political ideologies, when it comes to exactly what History should be remembered. Statues continue to be a battleground for these conversations.

Driving is Aggressive by Design

Driving is an everyday factor for a large part of the population. While being careful to avoid overstatement, we know in many cities people rely on public transportation or simply walk or ride a bicycle, driving still has consequences for all of life.  Given my regular commutes and the flood of bad drivers I encounter, the psychologistContinue reading “Driving is Aggressive by Design”

“Food is essential to life; therefore, make it good.”

After my dissertation is all finished, I have a growing list of books and topics to explore that I currently just don’t have time for. One of these is a growing area of scholarly inquiry known as food studies. Food is so everyday that we don’t think about it very often, and we don’t realize howContinue reading ““Food is essential to life; therefore, make it good.””