13 Nuggets to Ponder: Have you ever considered?…

But when I began to consider the subject in this last way, which seemed the most interesting, I soon saw that it had one fatal drawback. I should never be able to come to a conclusion. I should never be able to fulfil what is, I understand, the first duty of a lecturer to hand you after an hour’s discourse a nugget of pure truth to wrap up between the pages of your notebooks and keep on the mantelpiece for ever. All I could do was to offer you an opinion upon one minor point—a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction; and that, as you will see, leaves the great problem of the true nature of woman and the true nature of fiction unsolved.

–Virginia Woolf 

Have you ever considered and fully paused to internalize that:

if you are in the United States, for example, where you are standing, sitting, or driving at any given moment was home to Indians wiped out by disease and European warfare and too was possibly (likely!) a place where enslaved Blacks (or Indians) were abused?

life exists everywhere? (See this link.)

life requires money? (See this link.)

we never know what we really look like and sound like and what we look and sound like is different to each person? 

we always misunderstand each other, at least a little?

people living today in the United States (or a similarly wealthy country) are in a group of the wealthiest people ever?

the physical geography of our world would be completely foreign to people who lived as little as two hundred years ago, not to mention two thousand years ago? (See this link.)

2015 English will likely be incomprehensible in several hundred years?

we come across–within inches–people all day, every day, who would probably make wonderful friends, if only we had time and weren’t going so many different directions? (See this link.)

life is one big, confusing, fun, crazy mess? (See this link.)

while we never hear about it, California enslaved Indians starting in the 1850s and 1860s and it continued until the late 1870s!? (See this link.)

we seldom ask ourselves “why do I think and believe what I do and where does what I “know” came from”?

we communicate with each other more than ever before in world history?