Donald Trump Declares Himself 45th President of the United States

WASHINGTON—Late on the evening of Saturday, November 28, 2015, a 70-year-old Donald Trump in an unprecedented move and with unanimous Republican support declared himself the next president of the United States effectively immediately and signed a Congressional bill suspending the Constitution and Bill of Rights effective immediately. In a live address from the front lawnContinue reading “Donald Trump Declares Himself 45th President of the United States”

The Only Chicken Recipe You’ll Ever Need Again: AJP’s Chicken Marination

After placing all of the raw chicken in a large bowl, fill it with olive oil until all of the chicken is covered. Add 2 tablespoons of melted butter. Mix the following dry ingredients in a small container: 2 tablespoons of black pepper 1/2 teaspoon of salt 2 teaspoons of oregano 2 teaspoons of parsleyContinue reading “The Only Chicken Recipe You’ll Ever Need Again: AJP’s Chicken Marination”

Thanksgiving From the Other Side

Similar to Christmas and the Santa Myth, Thanksgiving–given the accompanying emphasis on family and capitalism–Privileges those who fit the “happy and successful and normal” paradigm. I was not planning to post anything today, but the “thinker” creature in my head had other plans. (See Inside Out.) In ways, our culture is very ego centric to have a dayContinue reading “Thanksgiving From the Other Side”

Academia hasn’t “radicalized” me, it’s woken me up.

Society regularly miss-labels academics “radicals in the ivory tower,” especially those who work in the Liberal Arts, as they tend to be very aware of everyday culture and life. This wrath from society targets people, regardless of degrees or jobs, who voice unpopular opinions or who ask hard questions. And the more a person falls outsideContinue reading “Academia hasn’t “radicalized” me, it’s woken me up.”

“One voice, one vote,” Rhetoric, and Voter Frustration

About one month ago I saw a bumper sticker that said “one voice, one vote.” This slogan and its many problems have been on my mind since then. This slogan, while deeply rooted historically, is perhaps now more than ever problematic given rulings in and associated with Citizens United. “One voice, one vote” simply doesn’t happen and is actuallyContinue reading ““One voice, one vote,” Rhetoric, and Voter Frustration”

Some Experiences and Suggestions for Successful Student Presentations

With the exception of “presentations” students prepare and present in-class with very little preparation, I have discovered when they hear “presentation,” they automatically think of PowerPoint.  Last semester when I told my students in African American History they could not use PowerPoint for their presentations, they were all alarmed and shocked and responded, “How is that even possible!!” Since thenContinue reading “Some Experiences and Suggestions for Successful Student Presentations”

Comfortable, Courageous, Compulsory, and Contagious Confusion

The idea for this blog came a few minutes after I posted “Emotional Demands of College” some weeks ago now, and I am just now getting a chance to finish it! As regular readers, my students, and anyone else who knows me is well aware, I absolutely love teaching — working with, sharing knowledge with, and learningContinue reading “Comfortable, Courageous, Compulsory, and Contagious Confusion”