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“Pegoda Street Hats”

I am so incredibly fortunate to have wonderful groups of students in my six classes this semester. This will be an unusually short post, but I wanted to share this picture of my Mexican American History I class. (Shared with permission.)

This is a really special group of students and a special class. Last week one of the students, Gabe, made a joke about “Pegoda Street Hats” (I sometimes where a beanie – usually when I have a headache to cover up the patch ). SO, yesterday every one came with a “Pegoda Street Hat”!!! We spent the class in our hats and viewed a documentary about causes of the Texas Revolution. Gabe even brought popcorn, and Lili brought drinks to enhance the viewing experience! Next week we begin our journey reading and analyzing monographs. Tell everyone you know to sign up for Mexican American History II, which starts in the Spring 2016! 

2015-10-08 10.51.07

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