What Acknowledging Privilege Means To Me (and You), or Privilege Explained in 187 Words

Acknowledging White (and Male) Privilege means, very simply and briefly:

Acknowledging that my accomplishments–or perhaps more accurately, my access and opportunities to have said accomplishments–are due in part (and probably a greater part than even I am able to or even comfortable articulating) to deeply-ingrained, institutional forces fully beyond my control, largely invisible forces that perpetuate racism and sexism to benefit me at the expense of others, rather at the expense of every person.

Acknowledging that my recent family history does not begin with traumatic memories of family being kidnaped, sold, enslaved, re-enslaved after the Civil War, and/or lynched.

Acknowledging that my family history is dotted with White people who chose to come here and were allowed to and encouraged to build lives and pass along such happy memories and wisdom.

Acknowledging that no one in my family is in jail or prison.

Acknowledging that I can shop or eat anywhere without fear of race-based discrimination, for example.

Acknowledging science and history and sociology and psychology.

Acknowledging Privilege Systems is easier for me since I study Systems of Privilege and don’t have Able-bodied Privilege or Heterosexual Privilege, for example.

Check out this powerful privilege chart I found: