The Dangers of the Politics of Respectability – #IfIDieInPoliceCustody continued

So-called politics of respectability are dangerous because it does not matter if someone did do drugs, was argumentative, did wear their pants “too low,” or whatever, that is no reason to kill a (Black) person. #Blacklivesmatter.  

Be sure to see the “part one” of this article:



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  1. Agree. This rhetoric is somehow reversal from the argument that “because” Michael Brown had stolen a few inexpensive (which, too, doesn’t really matter) Swisher Swish cigars, thus his killing was justified, portrayed him as a “thief and a thug” some argued by in Ferguson and elsewhere.

    Police brutality [and potentially murder] is always inexcusable, regardless of life (and regardless of gender, race, and more). The dangerous of power abuse will always be forefront in question of justice society.

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  2. Powerful!

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  3. Wow, somthing so simple as a hash tag but yet so powerful.

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