Tim Wise and my concerns about his “activism.”

I’m well aware that I am in a delicate position when it comes to talking about racism and sexism given that I have White privilege and cis-Male privilege. The purpose of this blog is to discuss concerns I and others have regarding the ways in which Tim Wise, the popular anti-racism speaker, discusses issues of racismContinue reading “Tim Wise and my concerns about his “activism.””

The circumstances in which we meet determine history.

Thomas Hardy’s “The Man He Killed” greatness is in part its application to a variety of settings and times:  Had he and I but met By some old ancient inn, We should have sat us down to wet Right many a nipperkin! But ranged as infantry, And staring face to face, I shot at himContinue reading “The circumstances in which we meet determine history.”

A Cultural Analysis of DNA Testing

DNA testing is a big thing these days. Websites such as Ancestry sell kits for about $100 that are advertised as being able to tell family heritage, where a person came from, and her ethnicity. The implication with these tests is that they will also tell a person his true “race.” As an experiment and to see what wouldContinue reading “A Cultural Analysis of DNA Testing”

Some Thoughts about Religion, Capitalism, and Everything in the Middle

Millions of years ago a branch of life–those currently called humans–began having increasing degrees of consciousness. In this process, these human beings began journeys in search of answers to core questions: where do we came from, why do things happen as they do, what happens after death, as well as countless other questions — questionsContinue reading “Some Thoughts about Religion, Capitalism, and Everything in the Middle”

What Acknowledging Privilege Means To Me (and You), or Privilege Explained in 187 Words

Acknowledging White (and Male) Privilege means, very simply and briefly: Acknowledging that my accomplishments–or perhaps more accurately, my access and opportunities to have said accomplishments–are due in part (and probably a greater part than even I am able to or even comfortable articulating) to deeply-ingrained, institutional forces fully beyond my control, largely invisible forces thatContinue reading “What Acknowledging Privilege Means To Me (and You), or Privilege Explained in 187 Words”

Multi Edge Swords–Ritualized Violence Against Blacks

We absolutely need to keep talking about #BlackLivesMatter. We must. We absolutely need steady, on-going attention to keep the conversation going. We must. We absolutely need all of the videos as proof of abuse directed at Black bodies. However, all of this is dangerous. And we must use caution and remember to also share imagesContinue reading “Multi Edge Swords–Ritualized Violence Against Blacks”

searching for words amid the chaos

verisimilitudinous worlds, all around me is green and air and birds singing, yet beneath that is fear and hate, questions, gut responses, to live in such comfort, and luxury, driving a car, eating food, tremendous wealth, and yet for people to fear, history, the poor, Muslims, to fear Black people, to not understand, when peopleContinue reading “searching for words amid the chaos”

11 Ways Reading IS Legitimate Personal Experience

Given that we still live in an era of anti-intellectualism–we can only see it better now because of the Internet–scholars and thinkers are regularly attacked. Over the past decade, I have been criticized and deemed incompetent because I read “too much” dozens of times. Oh, the irony. People say, “you only read, you do not have any lifeContinue reading “11 Ways Reading IS Legitimate Personal Experience”