Things On My Mind – Series #1

  • I find it beyond shocking, sickening, and a reminder of how “savage” we all are that 1 in 4-5 girls and 1 in 6-10 boys in the United States personally experience some kind of sexual abuse at least once before reaching 18. Over a life time, 1 in 3-4 females and 1 in 10-30 males will be raped at least once. I’ve been carefully avoiding reading about the Duggar family –too frustrating.
  • How “interesting” and “scary” newstories like this are. For starters, the alleged crime, of course. But also, that people always comment without reading the article. Or comment as if they know everything. That people demonize the female. And that the law and society don’t recognize that age and laws make for complicated, illogical webs of social and cultural constructions. And that biology and psychology study complex forces. 
  • Modern medicine is simply incredible! While before my surgery last Friday I had a variety of emotions, actually going into the OR, I was excited! I was surrounded by a dozen or more doctors, physician assistants, and advanced practice nurses, not to mention powerful technology and medication. And they successfully removed the tumor! Still have another week of doctor-ordered rest, but all is OK.  
  • I have and do worry about what my next surgery will be. And I do long for days (weeks would be pushing my luck! lol) without any pain. 
  • I do wonder why they don’t have “better” pain medications. I really don’t like those meds. I’ve been taking a much lower dose than prescribed. They don’t help the pain. They just make it hard to think, talk, walk, or do anything much at all.  
  • How common and problematic racism is. This video came up in my newsfeed today. That it is one of many examples, gives it power and importance.
  • I have been trying to think of a way to use my experience where I essentially don’t have a left arm (because of the surgery) and have discovered how essential it is and how much I didn’t notice having a left arm as a parallel for an article about White Privilege (or Male, etc) with the hopes of helping people understand their invisible privileges.    
  • I am also thinking about my dissertation a great deal. My plan is to finish this summer. I have everything pretty much all clear, so it should be possible!
  • That this guy and his family are awesome! 
  • That West Quoddy Head, Maine, being the closest point in the United States to the continent of Africa is just one tiny example of how maps lie and perpetuate White and Western Privilege. 
  • About how wonderfully creative and complicated languages are! In Chinese, for example, the specific way in which a word is pronounced dramatically changes its meaning. And how much religion has needlessly divided cultures and peoples. 
  • That people are incredibly racist toward President Obama and don’t see or understand their hatred toward our First Family. Obama has for sure done many wonderful things. (Some didn’t get my sarcasm in a recent post!)
  • How very strange and seriously dangerous the current lineup of candidates are for the next presidential election, except for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders.
  • How wonderful and powerful it is to think and create
  • It took way too long to type this just having one hand to use!