United States Constitutional Amendments: 28-37


“Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.” This amendment takes effect immediately.


Every person has a right to fair and equal wages, the right to unionize, the right to a thirty-five-hour workweek, and eight weeks of vacation, holidays, or personal leave yearly. This amendment takes effect immediately.


No person shall be denied access to medical doctors and any procedures, medication, or services necessary to maintain a high quality of life and basic health. Such services are to be rendered at expense of taxpayers. As the right to live is a human right, profit is not acceptable. This amendment takes effect immediately.


The right and privileges of marriage shall be available to all of those old enough to freely consent to such contracts. The contract is valid until either one or both of the two parties null the contract or one of the parties dies. This amendment takes effect immediately.


No personal willing to put forward the necessary time and effort can be denied the opportunity of obtaining an education. Primary and secondary school, college, graduate school, and medical school benefit all citizens and are thus paid for by taxes. Adult students receiving such an education full time shall be provided a stipend. Instructors have academic freedom. This amendment takes effect immediately.


No person can live in an unhealthy environment. Therefore, green energy must be used. No government entity may outlaw green energy or discussions of global warming/climate change. This amendment takes effect immediately.


Individuals with incomes that place them in the top 10% of income earners may not use any loopholes to avoid paying taxes and shall pay a higher percentage of taxes. This amendment takes effect immediately.


Corporations must pay taxes on at least 20% of their earnings. Loopholes may not be used. This amendment takes effect immediately.


The right to vote shall be guaranteed to all citizens 18 years or older, unless two doctors not affiliated with each other determine the individual to be mentally incompetent – this exception may not be used to prohibit current or former convicts from voting. Voting shall happen in such a manner and in such a timeframe that all people can vote. This amendment takes effect immediately.


All people have the right to exercise the Democratic rights of initiative, referendum, and recall. Appointed officials can also be recalled. Procedures shall be established to ensure the fair and equitable availability of these rights. This amendment takes effect immediately.


Hopefully these and similar amendments really will become part of the Constitution soon. We need a flurry of new amendments to protect the people, promote a healthy society, and enhance prosperity. What other amendments do we need? (And I really don’t like the word “amendments” in this context – it should be called something along the line of “protections” because everything here should be a given.)