Teaching African American History, Update #1

Teaching is always a blast. This semester has been even more of a blast than ever before. I’m teaching United States History Since 1877 at the University of Houston and United States History Since 1877, Texas History, and African American History at Alvin Community College. I’m in the classroom in front of students twelve hours aContinue reading “Teaching African American History, Update #1”

Two Fundamental Flaws in Capitalism No One Talks About

Capitalism is full of problems, contradictions, and opportunities for exploitation. Take a look at the following memes and their dense, yet clear messages. (Email subscribers might need to visit my webpage to see the slideshow.)  But on to the primary purpose of this blog- the two fundamental flaws that will forever greatly limit the possibilitiesContinue reading “Two Fundamental Flaws in Capitalism No One Talks About”