H/T to Abagond, “The Blogger” – Website Review Series #2

For a good while (at least a year or two) before I started blogging, I came across a really neat blog, http://abagond.wordpress.com, that captured my imagination. Abagond is a pseudonym. Part of Abagond’s effectiveness and popularity is that no one knows his true identity. Being anonymous has a freeing effect, especially given the pointed nature of Abagond’s general focus.

Most of Abagond’s blogs, which date back to January 2006, focus on racism and critiques of White people. He’s even more a critic than me! 

Abagond’s blogs get an unheard of response rate compared to most. Most of his blogs have at least a dozen if not 50-100 comments. Yes, some are trolls, but he controls those fairly effectively. The incredible thing is that he gets people thinking and talking about important issues.

I would link a few favorite articles, but that would not do justice. There are so, so many favorites. I recommend just starting on his website and getting lost. Sign up for email updates, too! The only limitation to some of Abagond’s blogs is that they don’t provide any new information per se for some audiences, as they are summaries of books or of at least somewhat readily available information. 

Nonetheless, Abagond remains one of my favorite blogs. I read every new posting. A huge part of my becoming a blogger was reading all of his blogs and seeing how much fun he seemed to have! 

Check his website out! Just do it! 

Abagond's Logo

Abagond’s Logo

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  1. Yessir. Abagond is my favorite blog. He connects the dots between past events and current events and between the local and global.

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  1. Why isn’t there a White History month?!! « Andrew Joseph Pegoda, A.B.D.

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