Two Fundamental Flaws in Capitalism No One Talks About

Capitalism is full of problems, contradictions, and opportunities for exploitation. Take a look at the following memes and their dense, yet clear messages. (Email subscribers might need to visit my webpage to see the slideshow.) 

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But on to the primary purpose of this blog- the two fundamental flaws that will forever greatly limit the possibilities and true successes under capitalism.

The first of these is the commoditization of natural resources, particularly land. Looking at the United States, for instance, White people came here and took land from Indians, took almost all of the land the United States has, settled that land and later sold it to others. In other cases, such as with the development of rail roads in the West, the government gave land to these businesses, who in turn sold huge parts of that land to other people for profit. Land has no automatic value. Any such values associated with any resource, product, or job, for examples, are of course social and cultural constructions, but it is a very different matter when one group takes something from another and sells it to others. This by no means creates an equal playing field that encourages the best and says the best person with the best product will “win.” This would be the same thing as starting Monopoly with x1000 times more money and property than the others. Or similar to exempting two or three students from all of the requirements of a class and then allowing those two or three to set all of the prices and requirements for future classes. Capitalism, as we have it and as it started in the United States, privileges those who were “in the right place at the right time,” who were greedy and inhumane , and who were White Men. 

The second of these is the commoditization of humans. Need I say more? Millions and millions of (Black) humans given a monetary value and sold as cash and/or for cash. Millions and millions of (Black) humans forced to reproduce or be raped in order to make more cash and more wealth for almost exclusively White enslavers. Again said “property” was stolen and acquired in the most inhumane ways imaginable.