Start 2015 Right: 16 Ways to Decolonize the Mind

Whether we realize it our not, our bodies are tremendous sites of conflict—a cultural, political, social battleground for businesses and governments. As a result, and due to a lifetime of formal and informal education, the mind is colonized. Decolonizing the mind involves the never-ending struggle of getting rid of deeply, intimately engrained forces that came andContinue reading “Start 2015 Right: 16 Ways to Decolonize the Mind”

“Into the Woods” (2014): Magic and Memories

What I Loved: In Into the Woods Meryl Streep plays the Witch. As always, Streep becomes her character (adopting a new voice, posture, and more) and is unrecognizable. She plays a kind of character in this film that she has never played before. Unlike other actresses and actors with national and international fame, Streep performsContinue reading ““Into the Woods” (2014): Magic and Memories”