(Some) Joys of Art, and My Restaurant Obsession

During my time as an undergraduate student, I took four art classes–Art Appreciation, Contemporary Studies in Art, Art History I, and Art History II. Out of classes I took at the community college level, I learned more in my art classes than in any other classes. These classes transformed how I saw and interacted with the world and planted a number of the seeds that blossomed into a core part of my world view that sees everything as a relative, social and cultural construction, where everything truly is art some way or another.  

Considering everything “art” is not disrespecting the work of Michelangelo or Artemisia Gentileschi or Picaso, for example. Art takes many forms beyond the “traditional” and naturally includes performance art, installation pieces, abstract works, and much, much more. Writing is a form of art, too. And yes, the random streak of orange across the gray canvas is art, too. Think of all the rhetoric and choice involved!   

As anyone who has dined with me at a restaurant or even waited on me can attest, I love stacking the dishes at the end. Not sure why I enjoy this so much. I enjoy getting a picture of it, too. Part of the fascination is that it is art, an installation piece if you will, and it only lasts a few minutes until it is quickly swished away to the never-never-land of the restaurant dishwasher and trashcan. (Yet, even that involves an element of art!) Stacking the plates requires balancing and organizing all of the plates and bowls restaurants use and getting the trash placed just right. Yes. I know. I’m a bit crazy. Making “order” of the chaos is enjoyable…in its own weird way.

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