Be Sure and Visit “Confessions of a Half A$$ Historian” – Website Review Series #1

People–despite common beliefs–read and write more than ever before. People are constantly texting, tweeting, FBing, emailing, IMing, etc. People are communicating in ways never possible before, never even dreamable before computers took over. People are having deeper, more meaningful, more extended conversations than ever possible in the millions of years humans have walked the Earth.

Blogs and websites dealing with the past are increasingly popular, too. Public historians who blog are among the most important individuals today when it comes to teaching people about History.

Because I believe blogging has so many benefits, I’ve decided to start a new series where I will periodically review (and hopefully, promote) blogs or websites that deal with the past.

Today’s post deals with Lee Hutch’s website “Confessions of a Half A$$ Historian” located at (Full disclosure: Hutch is a friend and colleague.) 

“Confessions of a Half A$$ Historian” is much more specifically about History than my blog, which focuses more on cultural criticism. This website specializes in clear, detailed, interesting accounts of little-known events and/or new interpretations. Many of its articles look at some aspect of Military History, a field that Hutch argues is important and neglected far too often. (He has convinced me to teach some military history in the surveys.) In this article, he has a good reminder for historians even like myself to not get too caught up in the “-isms.” 

Some especially good articles about Military History include: My Top Five American Generals” and “War! What is It Good For?: The Study of Military History.

Patriotic Gore: Reality, Remembrance, and the American Civil War” and “War and Remembrance: Great 20th Century War Movies” are also favorites because they deal with film, culture, and historical memory (my areas of interest) as it relates to war. 

Be sure to check out “London’s Burning: A Night With The London Fire Brigade During the Blitz,” “Houston’s Forgotten Tragedy: The Gulf Hotel Fire” and “Famous Redheads from History for postings about little-known historical events. 


One of my very favorite articles discusses “what is mistakenly called the Irish Potato Famine.” Hutch convincingly argues it should be considered a genocide. Another powerful article looks at PTSD both historically and personally.

So, please be sure and check these links, share, and “Like” the corresponding Facebook page here.

If you have a website you would like me to view, let me know!   

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  1. Read one of the articles. Very interesting. Thanks for highlighting this blog. 🙂

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