An Exercise in Interactive Learning

I’m always anxious and willing to try new technology in the classroom. This semester my small experiments using Poll Everywhere have worked better in all my classes than any other semester so far. Part of it has been me learning how to use their system, part of it getting their system to work in theContinue reading “An Exercise in Interactive Learning”

Memorization Without Meaning Is Counterproductive: A Case Study Looking at “What is Texas History?”

This semester I am thrilled to be teaching Texas History again. Yesterday in class we spent a little over half of the period really analyzing the question, “What is Texas History?” I decided to do this as the second lesson (the first lesson is “What is History?” that reviews some basic terminology and course expectationsContinue reading “Memorization Without Meaning Is Counterproductive: A Case Study Looking at “What is Texas History?””

(Some) Joys of Art, and My Restaurant Obsession

During my time as an undergraduate student, I took four art classes–Art Appreciation, Contemporary Studies in Art, Art History I, and Art History II. Out of classes I took at the community college level, I learned more in my art classes than in any other classes. These classes transformed how I saw and interacted withContinue reading “(Some) Joys of Art, and My Restaurant Obsession”

A Decade in the Reflection: From Freshmen to Professor

On Tuesday, January 11, 2005, at 8:00 am, I had my first class as a freshmen college student. I had just graduated from high school (home/self-schooled) on Friday, December 10, 2004. I had no clue what to expect. I remember wondering if there would be bells between classes and announcements at he beginning each dayContinue reading “A Decade in the Reflection: From Freshmen to Professor”

Recognizing Beauty: Why I Am Critical and Have High Expectations

For an hour yesterday I was laying on my stomach with my arms stretched out and holding perfectly still inside a 3 million dollar MRI machine at M.D. Anderson located in a multi-billion (trillion?) dollar complex in the Medical Center located in Houston, Texas, in the United States, on this pale blue dot. I’ll be in this same machineContinue reading “Recognizing Beauty: Why I Am Critical and Have High Expectations”

To My Muslim Friends

To My Muslim Friends.   To My Muslim Friends, I understand that you are not evil, that you are not an extremist, and not a radical either. To My Muslim Friends, you are not a bad person, your God is good, the Quran is good, and your family is good, too. To My Muslim Friends,Continue reading “To My Muslim Friends”

100,000 Plus Hits: Thank you and a Look Inside the Blog

Moments ago I reached my 100,000th hit. My adventures in blogging began in May 2013 and continue. Many thanks to everyone who has visited my blog, especially regularly readers and subscribers. Blogging continues to be stimulating and rewarding in a variety of ways. I am continually surprised at how many ideas are generated on thisContinue reading “100,000 Plus Hits: Thank you and a Look Inside the Blog”

Call to Action: Pay the First Lady (and all Women), Plus a Critique of Bad Journalism

Given that I benefit from Male Privilege, it had not specifically occurred to me until today that the office of First Lady of the United States does not come with a salary. This journey began earlier today when the following image and the occupying article (click the image to view the article) from Conservative Post caughtContinue reading “Call to Action: Pay the First Lady (and all Women), Plus a Critique of Bad Journalism”