An Open Letter and Request to the Bush and Clinton Family – Please Do Not Run For Office

Dear Bush Family and Clinton Family, 

In particular: Jed Bush, I know George W. Bush has recently encouraged you to run for President next time around.

Hillary Clinton, I know people have expressed hopes that you too will run for this office, and based on some of your actions, there have been speculations that you might.

On behalf of United Statesians (not “Americans” because “America” is not a country), I ask that you both, please, do not run. Being elected to office of President of the United States is absolutely a wonderful accomplishment by any standard. Mrs. Clinton, yes it would be absolutely amazing to have a Woman in this Office. 

HOWEVER, out of respect for the nation and traditions (even when, as is often the case, they involve much more rhetoric than actual practice) of democracy and opportunity, it would be wrong for either of you to run or for another Clinton or Bush to run. This would risk setting a dangerous precedent that in order to be President, you have to be from one of your families or risk a civil war or something. 

Also, please consider what is best for the nation, the world, and, especially as it becomes especially important to look beyond Earth, the universe. Do you really think you are the right person for the job? Every candidate should ask these questions long and hard, and not just run based on name recognition.

Thank you for your time, 

Andrew Joseph Pegoda