Making Light of Slavery?

Recently in the Texas History class I am teaching a student shared an example of how two friends would quasi reenact an enslaved, enslaver situation at the place where they work. The White person would tell the Black person “get to work” and so on. This student followed up in an email asking my thoughts:Continue reading “Making Light of Slavery?”

More important than the printing press?

I’ve giving midterm exams this week. Giving one right now actually. When I look around the room so many students are wearing glasses. Several more I know have contracts. Where would the world be without glasses? Sure the printing press revolutionized the world and helped make the European Renaissance possible, but what about glasses? HaveContinue reading “More important than the printing press?”

The Emotional Costs of Student Success for Our Students

“Success” means many different things. There are as many definitions as there are people (or students in this case). “Student Success” is the current big push at colleges and universities across the nation, and this push is largely being forced upon colleges by state legislatures and federal bodies overseeing education. This well-intended goal has many definitions butContinue reading “The Emotional Costs of Student Success for Our Students”

It’s Not “the Government” – Hidden Power of Words Series, #12

One part of the oral portion of my comprehensive exams back in May 2013 has stayed with me (“haunted” you could say!) more than any other: Discuss the government as a plural noun and as a singular noun. At first I was baffled and surprised. I asked for clarification (and the question was repeated). IContinue reading “It’s Not “the Government” – Hidden Power of Words Series, #12″