Red Lobster is clearly not owned by a Texan



I eat at Red Lobster each week. (They have delicious grilled chicken, salads, and of course bread and Dr Pepper! Plus, I have good friends there.) Anyway, I have seen this hundreds and hundreds of times, but only today “really” noticed it and took a picture of it. You “know” with 10000000000 percent certainty that the owners of Red Lobster (or in the case of their recent separation from Darden, former owners) are not Texans. BECAUSE “a good Texan” would have the Texas flag equal to the US flag not the Red Lobster flag! 

And NO I do not support Texas Ethnocentrism, Texas Exceptionalism, etc. etc. 🙂

Just found the rhetoric of this flag arrangement very interesting. 

That’s all. 

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  1. I noticed that a lot of non-Texan owned restaurants, and productions “claim” that only in Texas you can get the best experience of certain products. I think that it’s just the “pride of Texas”; the saying that; ” everything is bigger, better and greater in Texas.” But the showing of flag is a way to show patriotism.

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