The Holocaust – Podcast Lecture Series #1

Students love learning about the Holocaust because they hear bits and pieces of this tragedy for ever and ever but seldom hear any depth. I have prepared a two hour podcast that I have students listen to (there, sadly, isn’t enough time to do it face-to-face) that is mostly about the Holocaust but also includes information about other human atrocities of the era. 


I prepared this earlier this year in March. I had horrible allergies at the time. (Who doesn’t in this part of the world?!) Nonetheless, I wanted to share it here so others can benefit from it and so it is easier for my students to access (the file is over 1 GB as a regular computer file). A bit of information here and there in the podcast won’t necessarily apply. The full podcast is two hours. In a few places, the screen might look a bit weird because of the different computer software programs I had to use to get everything together. The podcast is mostly audio. 

If you like, please watch/listen, share, and let me know what you think.

The podcast is as follows. Email subscribers, please visit this webpage. Thanks!

I’ll share more podcasts over time.