“WHAT’S THAT MATTER WITH YOU PEOPLE”: 346 Words on How to Fix Our Problems

So many of the problems in the United States today could so very easily be solved with a tiny bit of common sense and basic humanity. In the following list (below the image), I propose changes that should happen immediately (yes, utopian), changes that would actually be automatic if we were at all sincere about continuing our “great experiment with democracy.” 

 Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 7.17.45 PM
1. Businesses: Insist that big businesses pay their fair share of taxes. Corporations which seek to dodge taxes are forced to close. No employee can be made to work more than 30 hours a week. Minimum 6 weeks vacation yearly. Leave for sickness or family is automatic when needed and has no cap. Employees, not employers, hold the position of power. 

2. Government and Discrimination: The government takes a more sincere interest in ending racism and practices now known as the New Jim Crow. The law must recognize the role of racism and sexism across society. The EEOC must recognize the reality of intersectionality. 

3. Government and Paperwork: Laws/Acts/Court Rulings can be no longer than the Constitution and must be in everyday language.

4. Government and Politicians: Politicians (currently most TeaRepublicans) who deliberately speak lies and fear are removed from office.

5. The People and Education: Everyone is guaranteed as much education—including grad school or medical school—as they desire, provided they are earning the necessary grades, paid for by the government.

6. The People and Basic Survival: Everyone—by virtue of being alive—is guaranteed a living wage, regardless of working or not. This wage should be enough for internet and television service, books, recreational activities, healthy food, etc. Insurance companies are forced to close. The government assumes protection for individuals in all health care needs, as well as accidents related to fire, floods, etc.

7. The Government and Education: Standardized test are abolished. College professors have full academic freedom, colleges are rewarded for hiring more full time professors, and tenure is also encourage, for those who qualify. For-profit colleges are forced to close.  

8. Basic Respect: The president will always be respected. “Illegals” is a racially-charged word, no different than the “N” word. If used, amounts to a hate speech, punishable by appropriate measures. Systems will be created that encourage/require media outlets to reports on all of the discrimination that goes on and manifestations of privilege. 

An educated society, a society where people are comfortable and healthy, makes for a thriving society. 

“[Martin Luther King] has that awesome insight that white people would rather destroy democracy than have racial equality….We see it so clearly that people would rather have white supremacy and hierarchy than any other kind of justice” –bell hooks